Monday, December 6, 2010

A Delaware Christmas

A Delaware Christmas, 21x30, oil on canvas....And sketches.

This year's Christmas/Holiday Card for the high school.  I will forgo my usual hesitancies with my own artwork and come out and say that I'm really pleased with this painting.  It was some of the most fun and fulfilling work I've spent at the canvas in a while.


  1. Hey man, nice nice work! Particularly digging the hard contour around your figure drawings...interesting how you don't use them in your paintings. Whose work has been influencing you lately?

  2. Hey, thanks man! Of those of the living - a big nod to Greg Manchess for influence, and then pretty much all of the greats of the Golden age of illustration. I mean I dig pretty much anything that catches my eye, I'm just never sure how it's going to translate into the work. I was probably also thinking about a lot of Rockwell and Leyendecker (though more Leyendecker) for this one.

    I definitely think I'll be sticking to the "brushy" paint for a while now as far as any kind of "style" is concerned, I tried a little experiment over Thanksgiving with thinner paint, soupy medium, and synthetic brushes that left me traumatized...