Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coast 2 Coast

A drama in four parts...

Although I was born well after Space Ghost's debut, I always remember watching the reruns on Cartoon Network as a kid, before it got rehashed into Coast 2 Coast.  Good times.  And these are actually oldies from last spring.  I was bored and wanted to fiddle with watercolors, and Space Ghost and Zorak in a throwdown just felt like the thing to do.  

All are fairly small, nothing over the 9 x 12 range.  Quick pencil sketch, soak the whole page, drop in lots of pigment and then throw some ink down with fat nibs and a brush.  I certainly don't consider myself a watercolorist in any sense, but these were a lot of fun.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hiatus broken with Sound of Music, Part I

Oh jeez.  Long time no post.

I have been working on things, I swear.  Just many other things going on as well.

This is the poster art for CRHS's Spring (actually still Winter) musical.  Part II will be what it looks like with all the text, as that's out of my hands.  Lots of geeky symbolism, as the first thing that John, the Drama teacher, told me he didn't want was Julie Andrews in front of mountains.  If anyone follows this, I'd be interested to see if you pick up on any of said symbolism.  Feel free to leave interpretations in the comments.

Pen and Ink on bristol, 11 x 17.

Next up will be either Peter Pan (with Process!) or The Hobbit.