Monday, February 22, 2010

Hiatus broken with Sound of Music, Part I

Oh jeez.  Long time no post.

I have been working on things, I swear.  Just many other things going on as well.

This is the poster art for CRHS's Spring (actually still Winter) musical.  Part II will be what it looks like with all the text, as that's out of my hands.  Lots of geeky symbolism, as the first thing that John, the Drama teacher, told me he didn't want was Julie Andrews in front of mountains.  If anyone follows this, I'd be interested to see if you pick up on any of said symbolism.  Feel free to leave interpretations in the comments.

Pen and Ink on bristol, 11 x 17.

Next up will be either Peter Pan (with Process!) or The Hobbit.


  1. nice mucha biz. sweet stop-motion birds, too, though my fav part's the nazi eagle.

    how'd you get the grainy woodlike texture in the central background forms? is it micorn penwork?

  2. Old school globe nib and a ink well. And lots of lines.

    Makes the old peepers bleed at times, but I get a kick out of inking this way. Sometimes I overdo it (see grendel as example) so I tried to dial it back into just contour work with the birds.

    And I haven't played with one of those iddy biddy crowbills in a while either, so I tend to find that doing these a little larger (at least 12 x18, which this isn't anyway, so perhaps that negates my point...) makes the lines from the globe nibs look the right scale.

    As always, thanks for the props.

  3. thats way to awesome, great work!