Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Fierce Enemy, Now Their Friend

Beorn has always been a favorite character of mine from The Hobbit.  This piece has changed A LOT from the first little inkling that cropped into my head a couple of months ago.

Photocopy of the pencil drawing which was then mounted onto masonite and sealed with matte medium.

Oil paints over top.  Trying to keep it painterly, but this one probably sat on the worktable a little longer than it should have.  A better image and explanation will follow once I dig out my tripod and/or find some better lighting.


  1. this is quite rad, rob. well done. the differences between the preliminary drawing. interesting crop. decided against the horsemen?

    and, above all, the tats! lite brite me some bears, sweet.

  2. Thank you sir.

    Yeah...that was Blogspot's crop work, riders are still in there, you just have to click the image for the full deal. Think I may just resize the thumb.