Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seems Appropriate...


A little more labored than Kenobi, and at times I feel like it may have bordered on clumsy...probably because I forgot that this is just an EXERCISE.  Something one does to get better, or stay fit, not something one does to create a masterpiece.  Though I think I like it now a little more than I initially did...

I suppose one should never underestimate the power of the Dark Side...

Alright, enough Geekery, the shiny black was interesting to paint, especially since I don't use black paint, and it was fun to splash a bunch of hot red around as well.

Another couple of hours in oils.  Any feedback is always welcome.


  1. is this from the bespin scene? if so, i guess you opted to take the blues out... if not, i need to study up a bit, haha.

    i like the left side of his forehead. must've been fun cuttin' out the blacks.

  2. That's a good eye my friend. And I actually started with the blues and greys, but the whole thing was feeling kind of dead and as a result, I was too. Then I saw this little speck of red reflection and just ran with it as a good excuse to slap a whole bunch of cad red down on the canvas.

    The black was really interesting, I think I have one tube of ivory black, but I've only used it one time and that was when I made the mistake of trying to use it as value instead of color. Flat city. So everything here is some devilish concoction of ultra blue, burnt sienna, raw (i think, though it may be burnt) umber, and alizarin crimson. I just find that those guys give me more transparency in the paint and when mixed might as well be "black."

    Also, two brushes was a must on this one, haven't done that in a while. But I needed to keep the tints separate so as you said I could cut everything back and forth.

  3. Call Gene, he will buy that. Nice job dude!

  4. Give him my number. We'll talk.