Sunday, January 23, 2011


Firebrand, 28.5 x 22, oil on canvas.

Finished this one up about two weeks back, and have just been waiting to get a good photo of it.  I am now sold on the fact that the family point and shoot is no longer up to the task of shooting my paintings -I could not get the color right on this piece for the life of me.  Here's to Mother-in-laws with photography degrees and excellent equipment (Thanks Char!).  
I don't think I really intended to have the glows go quite so "fiery" but once I got the cads on my brush, I couldn't help myself.


  1. Nice paintings!
    I personally love the molten glow of that tattoo. *applause*

  2. Hey thanks for the claps. The tattoo glow is actually a do-over. The first round of paint that I put on looked just like a knit got the sharp end of a palette knife reeeeal quick.