Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Version 2.0

Obviously not a whole lot of activity on here over the past couple of months...What with new children being born, school ending, vacations, and a host of "life" in general.  However, the time away has provided me with some hopefully valuable reflection and redirection.

This was wordier, now it's not.  On the pic above, "Holy Crap! That's me hanging next to Matt Stewart, Dominic Saponaro,and JULIE BELL. (counterclockwise)"  Back in June, I was lucky enough to get two pieces into Phillustration, a great little local illustration show hosted by the Philadelphia Sketch Club.  I feel this is a pretty good end-cap to my first real year of digging back in to painting.  I am honored for the opportunity to have my work hanging in this show, everything on the walls was absolutely amazing.  Honored, and very humbled - there's a lot of work left to do. 

Hmm, looking back, that's still pretty wordy...

And now, on to other things.  The plan is to use this post as a bit of a reboot of the old blog.  A year and half ago it got me painting again, and now a year and a half later it's got me looking at my process and approach.  And, how I need to strive for a little more consistency.  So the plan is to update every Tuesday and Friday night with what I'm currently working on, give a little bit more insight into my process for those interested in such things, and in general keep me working.

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